Shaping Cloud have been awarded the NHS Blood and Transplant Privileged Access Management Enhancement Partner Contract

Shaping Cloud have been awarded the NHS Blood and Transplant contract and will shortly take on the role of their Privileged Access Management Enhancement Partner.

The NHS Blood and Transplant has already started building their cutting-edge digital services with ambitious plans to go further and to transform more of their services into end-to-end digital services, focussed on the needs of their donors and the hospitals NHSBT serves.

Their mission: To provide cyber security and resiliency to NHS Blood and Transplant in support of its mission to save and enhance the lives of others.

Shaping Cloud were awarded the contract in June 2021, the contract will be focussed on  strengthening the security posture of NHSBT’s digital identity as well as enhancing the overall operational efficiency of managing identity across the organisation.

Helen Gerling, CEO:

“Being a part of the NHS Blood and Transplant Digital Transformation and the award of the contract is great news for Shaping Cloud. I am delighted with the result, It’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our Identity and Access Management consultancy capabilities and services.”

Dan Jeffery, NHSBT’s CISO:

“Having Shaping Cloud as a partner in enhancing our identity posture and capability will help us to ensure that the vital services we provide remain secure-by-design in an environment of perpetually evolving cyber challenges and digital change.”

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