Irwin Mitchell are a leading Legal and Financial Advisory firm based in the UK, with 15 UK wide locations also encompassing an international presence.
Leading the Legal sector in Digital Transformation, Irwin Mitchell embarked on a strategic vision to transform their business by developing new capabilities, increasing their own agility, innovation and automation of processes. Their aim was simple: Clients at the centre. Focusing on deepening client relationships and engagement by simplifying client journeys with innovative technologies and systems.

Irwin Mitchell required consultancy services to facilitate the comprehensive understanding of their current IT Infrastructure, opportunities and obtain a clear transformation roadmap. Shaping Cloud provided a range of Strategic

services and presented high-quality outputs encompassing technical architecture, financial modelling, future state opportunities and a transformation roadmap.

Why move to the Cloud?

Irwin Mitchell were keen to ensure that their Clients were at the centre of everything they did.

Central to this was embarking on a digital transformation journey to help realise their desires to:

  • Automate workflows to ensure operational efficiency
  • Locate an join up data to generate useful insights and enable a more seamless experience for clients
  • Use the best of AI and ML to innovate and deepen client relationships
  • Simplify the digital services available in order to support agility and responsiveness to the business



Irwin Mitchell – Digital Transformation Strategy

Launch Date:

December 10, 2021

As Irwin has grown it has needed to evolve its infrastructure to prepare for digitalization across areas such as storage capacity, disaster recovery, upgrading software and hardware and integrating systems following M&A activity.

There is no one size fits all approach to adopting cloud within an organisation. Shaping Cloud strategy services were designed to assist an organisation at the start of their Digital Transformation journey. Each organisation has different starting points for their network, security, storage, hardware refresh cycle, software licensing and most importantly of all people culture, knowledge, and skills.

Shaping Cloud spent time considering all these elements, as well as the future state of Irwin Mitchell’s infrastructure and
which solutions aligned best with their requirements and vision. Shaping Cloud provided several Discovery, Analysis and
Justification services throughout Irwin Mitchell’s Cloud adoption project, which included:

  • 18 Technical / Non-Technical Area assessments
  • 42+ hrs of Interviews with Key Stakeholders
  • 1300+ Server Assessments
  • 64 Applications and services investigations
  • Over 180 artefacts collected
  • 20+ Strategy and Leadership documents reviews
  • 60+ Financial documents incorporated into the findings.

The Outcome

Shaping Cloud carried out a thorough review and provided, the following:

  • Asset inventory
  • TCO for the current hosting platform and services
  • Current state architecture schematics
  • Applications assessment, including cloud readiness
  • Future State TCO for various options / scenarios
  • Transformation roadmap
  • Technical strategy
  • Business Case

As a consequence of this work, Irwin Mitchell are now fully informed to progress with immediate and longer-term plans to transform through adoption of digital solutions. A solution was recommended and proposed to Irwin Mitchell which incorporated Iaas, Paas, and Saas public cloud solutions and a right sized on-premise solution to replace the existing platform sufficiently to get them through their overall transformation, whilst ensuring continued risk mitigation.

Benefits of the proposed future state:

  • Financial gain – Reduced annual and capital costs
  • Improved Services
  • Increased Agility
  • Increased Scalability
  • Assured service availability
  • Simplified administration
  • Faster response to business needs
  • Risk reduction

Shaping Cloud remain to continuously work with Irwin Mitchell throughout their Cloud Adoption journey.

Northern Care Alliance

CIO The Penine Acute Hospital NHS Trust, Northern Care Alliance

Working with Shaping Cloud was an enlightening experience.

Working with Shaping Cloud was an enlightening experience. They brought new ideas, they’re good listeners, they gave good quality feedback. They were very keen to talk to the right types of people in the organisation, not just the technicians. They came to us with a lot of knowledge. They were coming will to learn about hoe they could best help us as well as the first thing that comes to mind was professionalism of the presentation actually - you get a good strong documentation at the end.