Agnostic Cloud Services

We are partners, not providers

We are cloud agnostic consultants, ensuring bespoke and unique solutions for you.

Designed to cut through the complexity and illustrate how the cloud and digital technologies can prove beneficial for you.

Considering your existing infrastructure, business objectives and the rapidly changing marketplace for the public, private and hybrid cloud, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS we provide you with strategic direction and thought-leadership as you plan to make the change from on-premises data centre(s) to the cloud.

Shaping Cloud provide a fully agnostic Cloud Strategy consultancy service. There are no conflicts of interest or any commercial interests in terms of hardware, software, and cloud platforms. All recommendations provided are the results of a comprehensive comparative assessment based around your organisations requirements and identifying the best platform, tools and design to achieve the desire goals.


What is a Cloud Strategy and why do you need one?

You hear the term ‘cloud’ all the time… You know it might help you solve some of your IT problems… But your IT team are busy firefighting your immediate problems and you’re worried that introducing cloud computing will be a stretch too far. Perhaps you’re already convinced that moving to the Cloud will enable your team to focus on more strategic business problems like being able to forecast accurately through good data management or digitising and automating repeating business processes. However, you need to know what it will cost to migrate to cloud and run your application estate in the Cloud.

A cloud strategy, like any business strategy, is a plan designed to both define and set out how you will achieve business objectives and goals with specific regards to the cloud. Enterprises and organisations are slowly making the transition from on-premises data centres to the cloud. This is due to the ever-changing technological developments, digital transformations and needs of the new-tech-generation.

Implementing a cloud strategy will provide you with a strategic guide and understanding of the true transformational value of this technological move. Providing your organisation with a clear foundation to your cloud adoption journey, ultimately enabling you to accelerate and achieve your desired business goals.

To successfully make the transition to cloud and present the proposed strategy to your organisation, you will need to educate your board of directors, key stakeholders and team members. This is where a Cloud Strategy comes into play.

Through the vast analyses and assessments conducted, valuable insight can be provided and shared, presenting why investment into the cloud will be worthwhile – this includes how the cloud can provide you and your organisation with innovation, agility and most importantly, speed.

So, what is included in a comprehensive full agnostic Cloud Strategy? Lets take a look below!

IT Infrastructure Assessment

Are you struggling to understand your current ICT estate, its complexity and cost?  Usually infrastructure has been built over time and there is no comprehensive view of that infrastructure or an understanding of the total cost of ownership.  Our IT Infrastructure Assessments produce outputs which consist of a comprehensive map of your existing IT infrastructure […]

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Total Cost of Ownership Model

This service provides the essential information that is required to make strategic decisions about your Organisations options. By documenting the current estate and creating an inventory of assets the Total Cost of Ownership Model calculates the total cost of running your current infrastructure allowing you to make the right decision in your digital strategy.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA) service uses an approach of our own discovery scripts, combined with our expert team of engineers, technical and enterprise architects, who apply our decision algorithm to truly assess an applications readiness for cloud. We identify which applications and systems can be moved to the cloud and the interdependencies and pre-curser […]

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Cloud Comparison Services

Are you confused about which Cloud Service Provider (CSP) is best for your organisation or for a specific application or set of applications?  Want to understand ‘The cloud’ better, including the difference between private, public, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and everything in between? Want to define criteria for selecting a CSP and get a sense of […]

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Cloud Strategy

Our Cloud Strategy provides you with strategic direction, thought leadership and extensive experience to provide you with a clear practical journey to cloud, taking account of your existing infrastructure, business objectives and rapidly changing marketplace for public, private and hybrid cloud, whether that be to IaaS, PaaS or SaaS services. Our approach delivers a powerful […]

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Target Operating Model

Cloud technology can revolutionise your business, providing agility and reducing costs, however, to maximise these benefits relies on utilising a revised Target Operating Model (TOM). Our service determines the best design and deployment of resources to achieve your business goals and provide the clarity on what people and processes are required.

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Organisation & Infrastructure Business Case

Are you planning to migrate to cloud hosting to exploit the benefits of cloud, but don’t know how to make the case to management? Our ‘Business Case for Cloud’ service can answer all these questions and help you move forward with confidence. Our business case service confidently builds the business case for cloud, based on […]

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Our Approach

Our comprehensive cloud strategy service not only covers technology, but also people, and the organisations’ processes, strategic aims and on-going and current challenges.

As part of your bespoke cloud strategy plan, our consultants will develop a proposed implementation roadmap, taking into account the opportunities, aspirations and constraints conducted through our analysis and align these with business priorities and requirements.

Within our 5-phase Cloud Strategy, our Shaping Cloud consultant(s) will also identify pre-requisites, dependencies and specific areas of improvement and implementation, and provide robust recommendations that will allow you to best exploit technology, the cloud and other modern apps.

Shaping Cloud also considers and encourages engagement with key stakeholders and includes the development of an organisations case, supporting your cloud strategy, allowing senior executives and stakeholders to understand key deliverables.

Our approach is to engage key stakeholders in the process and thus build ownership for the cloud strategy and the vision portrayed.

Shaping Cloud’s 5 Phase Cloud Strategy: The Approach

  • Project Initiation
  • Current State IT Estate Assessment
  • Target Future State
  • Digital Transformation – Planning and Roadmap
  • Strategy and Business Case


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Shaping Cloud are a company dedicated to delivering true digital transformation. Formed in 2010, we have seen the ever-growing benefits of cloud adoption across many sectors. Our mission is to help clients differentiate between the cloud that is just an illusion and that which brings true transformational value. Download our Brochures today!

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