Data – the sauce that organisations are letting slip through their fingers.

SC: Data Strategy, a fully agnostic consultancy service

By using your organisations business strategies, requirements, needs and values, we can reinvent how your data is managed, stored, and utilised – allowing you to analyse data historically and in real-time, providing valuable insights to enhance services, mitigate costs and risks, and improve revenue.

It’s time for your organisation to obtain valuable insights, make informed, intelligent-led decisions and meet your organisations ultimate Vision.

How? Through a data strategy, uniquely designed in accordance with your organisation.


What is a Data Strategy?

A data strategy is essentially a plan of action on how your organisation will store, track, use and even share data collected.

The implementation of a data strategy will provide inspiration and enablement towards an organisation’s strategies and goals – allowing you to proactively manage, store and use data in an effective manner, corresponding to your organisational strategy.

Effective data strategies will ensure high-quality data is attained and analysed, having a positive effect on business functionality – including decision making, achieving goals, implementing effective strategies, and more.

Previously, organisations focused primarily on the storage, management, and methods of handling data. Today, the focus has shifted from not only storing and effectively managing and handing that data, but to also improve how your organisation understands, manages, utilises, and acquires data.

If your organisation has plans to implement a strategy to:

  • Improve:
    • The utilization of data
    • Efficiency of your current state
  • Unlock untouched, potential revenue streams
  • Make data more accessible
  • Reduce risk
  • Protect and transform your data
  • Drive improvements on quality
  • Ultimately improve usage, storage, and data management

Then our data strategy services are exactly what you’re looking for.

Helping you re-imagine the possibilities and identifying the opportunities of your Data

How can Shaping Cloud help you?

With over 10 years’ experience, our consultants understand the unique challenges that each individual organisation face(s) with an ‘all existing at once’ outlook – past, present, and future.

With this in mind, Shaping Cloud has established a fully flexible, agile and contemporary approach to support various scales and complexities that organisations face today.

Through discovery and research, our team of consultants work with you – as your partner – to execute a unique, high-level plan, bespoke to your organisation based on your needs, requirements, current state, and Vision.

From improving the quality of your data and how you utilise data; down to the usage, storage, and management of data, to better understand your clients – Shaping Cloud can transform your organisation, helping you improve your services, make intelligent led decisions, and meet your goals and objectives.


The benefits of a Data Strategy will typically depend on your organisations specific need(s) and requirements. Most importantly, the benefits your organisation will reap from such a digital transformation will be (and should be) discussed by your DS consultant.

How does your organisation benefit from a SC: Data Strategy;

  • Improved management and records of data
  • Unlocking the potential power of your data to
    • Make better and more insightful decisions
    • Solve problems efficiently and effectively
    • Understand your organisations performance
    • Understanding customers – their wants, needs, expectations
  • Improved marketing techniques and decisions
  • Improved company productivity

And more.


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