What is a digital strategy?

A digital strategy doesn’t just focus on tech-based innovation – it’s much more than that – it focuses on the people, the processes, the ultimate customer experience. It’s no longer just about the organisation’s needs and requirements, the stakeholder’s desires, and aspirations, it’s implementing the changes, trends and needs of the people.

And we mean all people – your employees, your clients, and customers – even your patients.

A digital strategy provides you with strategic direction and thought leadership into your digital journey – focusing on using technological advancements to achieve your organisational goals, improve performance, and more.

Why do organisations need a digital strategy?

There are a multitude of reasons for why your organisation may need a digital strategy – it just depends on how you look at it, your values, and your goals.

For example, if you aspire to have competitive advantage, get ahead of the curve, have a “digital-first” response, and seek opportunities to exploit, then a digital strategy is exactly what you need.

More specifically:

  • If you have no sense of direction
  • Not aware of your audience
  • Your competitors are dominating returns
  • Value differentiation
  • You are yet to integrate
  • Wasting resources due to duplication
  • Struggling to stay ahead or even catch up
  • There is no optimization

Also, let’s not forget: if you’re an organisation that cares about its people, a digital transformation strategy will provide you valuable opportunities for business functions – improving functionality for your employees working in HR and finance, automating processes such as pay role; all the way down to each and individual service user, from the young to the elderly – UX is extremely important.

The benefits of a Digital Strategy

Making the decision to establish a strategy for your real digital transformation can bring many benefits.

Where digital transformation focuses on the whole organisation, as well as trends, customers, or patients the benefits you reap will positively affect and impact all involved.

A digital strategy will deliver many benefits including:

  • Improved and strengthened decision making of all things digital
  • Digital transformation plans that are prioritised to generate maximum business value as early as possible
  • Insightful understanding of costs, opportunities, and business justifications with regards to digital developments – connecting investment with business value

Choosing to develop your Digital Strategy using a partner like Shaping Cloud, we can offer your even more direct benefits:

  • Our experience and informed technologists show how the latest innovations can deliver value for your organisation
  • We use benchmark data and references to what others in your sector are going to provide insight and assurance to the strategy
  • On-going, consistent support from experts while you implement your transformation – enabling fast-paced delivery through increased confidence
  • High-quality and powerful documents to support your digital strategy and ensure it is investment decision ready


The scope to your organisation’s Digital Strategy, and therefore Digital Roadmap is tailored to your requirements – bespoke but informed by experience, methods, and standards.

Having developed Digital Roadmaps and plans for many organisations, we’ve cultivated an innovate and agile approach for anything your organisation requires – from the simpler to the most complex.

Our service includes experienced, qualified PRINCE2, MSP, and Agile project and programme managers, as well as technical specialists across the board – from enterprise architects and cloud architects to security and integration experts.

With years of experience working with and in enterprise organisations, our consultants have obtained a great understanding of complex architectures and environments. We understand that these systems, functionalities, and associated processes require careful analysis when planning change and development.  These complex ecosystems often make finding where to start very difficult and this is where our knowledge, experience, and objective perspective adds excellent value.

Using our Shaping Cloud services, we can help support your digital transformation journey – providing quick mobilisation of projects and programmes and providing confidence of success.




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