Organisation & Infrastructure Business Case

As public cloud providers continue to invest and develop their platforms it can become increasingly difficult to confidently calculate the cost of moving to and operating in the cloud. Our business case service confidently builds the business case for cloud, based on exploiting cloud features, latest services and commercial offers.

Are you planning to migrate to cloud hosting to exploit the benefits of cloud, but don’t know how to make the case to management?
Are you confused about what cloud hosting might cost compared to current services?
Are you under pressure to make savings and still transform services?

Our ‘Business Case for Cloud’ service can answer all these questions and help you move forward with confidence.
We will discuss and agree with you the format of the business case, the engagement required, the complexity of the environment, the availability of existing costs, relevant governance meetings and the scrutiny required. These characteristics will all determine the duration of this assignment.

Key Features

• Builds your business case for the cloud
• Provides you with a current and future full cost analysis
• Based on the ‘five case model’ design or your own business case template
• Structured and explained with clear transparent methods
• Quantifies any savings and the investment required to migrate to cloud
• Determines the effort and cost required to migrate to cloud

Our Approach

We have developed many public and private sector IT business cases, all of which have been approved by the relevant organisational governance and in some cases including independent external review by central government bodies.

Our business case consultants have been trained in the government’s five case model and our work and outputs comply with all relevant government standards.

This service builds the rationale and justification for hosting an application/service in the public cloud. We work with you to develop your business case, by looking at the suitability for cloud hosting, any remediation work that may be required, the current total cost of ownership, identifying the migration and running costs for the public cloud solution (future total cost of ownership) and calculate the savings and the return on investment.

Our business case can be in your organisation’s prescribed format or the HM Treasury ‘5’ case model format. In building the management case we estimate the likely timeline to migrate services and any support that may be required.