Cloud Comparison Services

As public cloud providers continue to invest and develop their platforms it can become increasingly difficult to confidently compare services on a like-for-like basis. Our compare service leverages the latest services and pricing from all public cloud vendors in order to provide an accurate comparison of platforms.
Are you confused about which Cloud Service Provider (CSP) is best for your organisation or for a specific application or set of applications?

Want to understand ‘cloud’ better, including the difference between private, public, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and everything in between?

Want to define criteria for selecting a CSP and get a sense of how the market might currently measure against that?
Our Cloud Comparison service will help you cut through the complexity, answer these questions and determine the best cloud vendor/s for your needs and why. The price of our comparison service is determined by the range and complexity of your requirements and the number of cloud vendors you wish to compare in this assessment.

key Features

• Uses a comprehensive and proven set of starter requirements to ensure coverage.
• Requirements which can be changed and added to, so they reflect the needs of your organisation
• These approved requirements are weighted by your staff to reflect your relative priorities
• We undertake a like for like comparison of public cloud vendor services against these requirements
• Our research is up to-date to ensure our analysis reflects the latest releases

Our Approach

This service assesses your requirements against the overall functionality, service levels, support and cost of cloud services, across a range of public cloud vendors, in order to help your organisation understand the vendor that best meets their needs.

We run a workshop with your team to determine your requirements for cloud services, using our standard starter set of requirements which ensures all aspects are considered. We then use the approved list of requirements to assess the cloud vendors you have selected.

The requirements are weighted by your staff to provide a consensus view of their relative importance. We then apply these weightings to the detailed assessment of the vendors services.
We present the findings back to your team, so you can review our rationale, seeking your feedback and gain approval of the outcomes. The results of this analysis can be used to help your organisation to select the vendor that best meets your needs or select a shortlist for procurement purposes.