Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA) service uses an approach of our own discovery scripts, combined with our expert team of engineers, technical and enterprise architects, who apply our decision algorithm to truly assess an applications readiness for cloud.

We identify which applications and systems can be moved to the cloud and the interdependencies and pre-curser activities.  This allows us to identify logical groupings to migrate together.  Our analysis and report show which applications can move and to which type of cloud service and also identify those that cannot currently move. This CRA is a vital input to the development of your cloud migration strategy and roadmap. This service can be provided ranging from five applications, up to your whole applications estate.

The Cloud Readiness Report developed will provide you with the cloud view of your current applications estate that have been assessed. This is a vital input to developing a Cloud Migration Strategy, whether you choose to do that or retain us to develop it for you. Our team run an engaging process that ensures involvement, understanding and ownership for the output of the Cloud Readiness Assessment, that we will develop with you and on your behalf throughout the process.

Key Features

• Identify which applications can and cannot be moved to the cloud?
• Determine what cloud services are most appropriate (e.g. IaaS, PaaS or SaaS)
• Map logical grouping of applications driven by interdependencies and other factors
• Relative ordering based on the above and complexity to move
• Any pre-curser activities that are needed, and
• Any applications/systems that are candidates
for retirement.

Our Approach

Our approach uses our in-house developed discovery scripts, along with interviews and analysis of the selected applications/systems to capture the relevant information needed. We review the applications/systems for
interdependencies to identify complexity and grouping considerations to build into our analysis and recommendations.

We research the market and our databases to identify hosting options for consideration and identify any pre-requisite activities that would be necessary prior to migration of the application/system. Next, we apply our own decision algorithm to determine the most suitable cloud hosting service for your applications/systems.
All of this presented back to you in a presentation and in a Cloud Readiness Report.

>We would discuss and agree a timeline to suit your needs, including any of your deadlines and priorities. Our typical timeline for public sector organisations is 2-4 weeks, which is discussed and agreed with each customer, to align with your requirements and governance arrangements.