Cloud Digital Strategy

Cut through the complexity

Struggling to cut through the complexity, understand where to start, how to make the case or present the challenges, opportunities and benefits of cloud to management and your organisation?

Then our Cloud Strategy service is exactly what you need. We supplement your team and run an engaging process that ensures involvement, understanding and ownership across your organisation’s stakeholders for your new Cloud Strategy, that we will develop with you and on your behalf throughout the process.

Digital, amongst other things, is driving a change in the way that services are delivered to the business, staff and customers/users/patients alike. People are demanding a “Digital-first” response from organisations across all sectors, as they are accustomed to highly interactive social, mobile and digital experiences in their personal lives. Not surprisingly staff expect the same in their professional lives and citizens expect the same in their interactions with public services.

To meet these expectations requires your ICT organisation to focus on business development through modernisation and transformation, as opposed to just running the IT. Migrating to cloud services helps staff move up the value chain by releasing lower level support functions to the cloud service provider. This creates the capacity to be able to deliver the transformation required.

Key Features

• Full total-cost analysis (including migration)builds your case for cloud
• Designs a tailored target operating model for your organisation
• Detailed current state application and infrastructure capture to execute organisational initiatives
• Future state design provided as an A0 poster
• Uses guiding principles and objectives to define the future state

Our Approach

Our Cloud Strategy service is designed to provide a view of how cloud and digital technologies can provide most benefit to your organisation. We identify the areas where you can best exploit technology, cloud and modern apps to meet your strategic aims and overcome current challenges.

There is now strong evidence that cloud in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS forms should be part of an organisation’s IT strategy. Due to legacy and business constraints, few organisations can move to be fully on cloud. Therefore, a hybrid cloud approach is required and for many organisations, the route to adopting a hybrid cloud appears complex and unclear.

We work with you to cut through the complexity and provide you with a clear practical path to move to the cloud, identifying any pre-requisites and dependencies that are required to migrate to cloud services. Our comprehensive strategy development covers technology, people and processes.
Our approach is to engage key stakeholders in the process and thus build ownership for the cloud strategy and the vision portrayed.