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IT Infrastucture Assessments

Struggling to cut through the complexity, understand where to start, how to make the case or present the challenges, opportunities and benefits to management and your organisation?

The IT environment is complex enough, however if you are faced with an organisational acquisition, merger or split, or simply a lack in up to date records, mapping your current assets becomes even more challenging. Our IT Infrastructure assessment enables you to understand your current state, provides you with an inventory of assets, any current issues and improvement opportunities. This is the first step in any organisations digital transformation journey, without a starting point there is simply no way of determining where you want or need to be.

Key Features & Benefits

Key Features

• Mapping of current state IT Infrastructure
• Provides an in-depth analysis and inventory of assets
• Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
• Accurately identify legacy software and hardware to reduce maintenance and cost

Key Benefits

• Strengthen tactical and strategic decisions on moving to cloud
• Reduce IT costs and allow you to plan your IT expenditure
• Ensure software compliance
• Assists in the alignment of IT and business goals