Target Operating Model

Cloud technology can revolutionise your business, providing agility and reducing costs, however, to maximise these benefits relies on utilising a revised Target Operating Model (TOM).Our service determines the best design and deployment of resources to achieve your business goals and provide the clarity on what people and processes are required.

Our approach looks at the core methodologies for business and IT transformation and to organise your functions and capabilities so that you fully exploit Cloud technology and services. We use our design framework for creating operational processes and systems that are focussed on delivering your organisation’s strategic goals and objectives.

If you want to move to the cloud to exploit the benefits and transform your services, however you are concerned about the current workforce, their skills and knowledge. This Cloud TOM process allows you to map the future operating model, in terms of staff and process requirements and to engage the staff in this process that both supports their understanding and development, and to do this in a way that facilitates taking the workforce with you on the cloud journey.

Key Features

• Assesses your existing TOM and its suitability for cloud
• Designs a tailored target operating model for your organisation
• Provides the foundation and flexibility required to execute organisational initiatives
• Focuses on both hard and soft skills
• Assurance that the proposed structure will support hybrid cloud hosting
• Structuring and enhancing capability for cloud
• Supports multiple platforms and vendors

Our Approach

Our Cloud Target Operating Model service will design and develop the TOM that is required to help you maximise the benefits of cloud. A key component of the Enterprise Architecture toolkit, a Target Operating Model helps determine the best design and deployment of resources to achieve an organisation’s business goals.

Our service has been built to provide partner organisations with the clarity on what people and processes a hybrid cloud infrastructure will require. As you migrate to Cloud Services your ICT infrastructure will significantly change and your ICT workforce will need to change and develop accordingly. We provide a service to review your current operating model and propose a target operating model for the future, along with the role, skills and knowledge changes that will be needed. Making change that affect people’s working lives can be challenging and stressful for all concerned.

Having Shaping Cloud perform an operating model review, allows us to take your staff on that change journey, helping to clarify and remove the stress and anxiety out of the process. We run an inclusive approach to engage the staff and involve them throughout the process. This typically removes any fear and gains ownership for both the proposed target operating model and the process to move to it.