Cloud is what we know and it is who we are. Formed in 2010, Shaping Cloud has seen the ever growing benefits of cloud adoption across many sectors. Our mission is to help clients differentiate between cloud that is just an illusion and that which brings true transformational value.

Inform, Plan & Deliver

Our Mission

We believe that public and hybrid cloud provide a unique opportunity for organisations to re-imagine the way services are delivered and drive better outcomes for staff and customers alike.

Our products and services have been designed to swiftly inform, confidently plan, and deliver tangible and lasting difference, whilst ensuring that you are in control throughout.


Shaping Cloud have been the best company we’ve worked with so far.

SC: Consult was a great opportunity to work with Shaping Cloud and Microsoft as we assess the benefits of moving to Microsoft Azure. Within a month we were provided with a feasibility study on which services and applications would be the best candidates for the Azure platform along with a detailed financial breakdown. The speed with which Shaping Cloud were able to understand and map our complex environment and then deliver outputs of such quality and depth was truly impressive.

Lancashire County Council

Partners Not Providers


What we do:
Inform you and your team on what the cloud means for your organisation
Plan your roadmap for digital transformation
Support you on your digital journey – ensuring you are in control of your own transformation.

Trust, Honesty and The Pursuit of Happiness


We spend around 20% of our lives at work and so it makes sense to try and make that time enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. The key to any successful culture is trust — at Shaping Cloud we ask our clients and partners to trust us and so it is imperative that we replicate that trust internally. Flexible working policies mean that our people are able to work in the way that best suits them and their own family commitments. When you track progress by outcomes rather than hours at a desk it automatically changes people’s perceptions of work and the role it plays in their lives.

The next big pillar of our culture is honesty — things go wrong, people make mistakes, projects don’t go to plan — what’s important is how you respond. At Shaping Cloud we don’t hide from mistakes or failures, we embrace them. So much so, that we have a monthly award for staff called the “Howell-er of the month” named in honour of James Howells who threw away a hard-disk containing millions of pounds worth of bitcoin.

The last and some would say most important aspect of our culture is fun (or the pursuit of happiness). We believe that you can marry expert delivery and professionalism with a sense of enjoyment. Monthly team outings, staff barbecues and company off-sites are there to encourage our team to build the types of genuine friendships from which trust and honesty naturally flow.